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An independent service provided  by the Ocularists Association of Southern Africa, primarily  for the benefit of members of the public, practicing ocularists and/or members of other health care professions.

Download this Ombudsman Leaflet (PDF)

Role of Ombudsman.

The responsibility of the Ombudsman is to:

The services provided by the Ombudsman are free to complainants

Who can Complain or seek advice?

Any member of the public, ocularist or member of another health care profession may approach the Ombudsman .If unsure you are welcome to contact him at any time.

About our Office

We operate according to the Rules of the Ombudsman, which are available on our website and guided by the Ethical Rules and Policy on Undesirable Business Practice of the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA).

The office of Ombudsman is not a statutory body but an independent service provided by OASA.

The office is committed to:

The Way we work:

On receiving a complaint, the following factors are taken into account:

A process of facilitation will thereafter take place with the aim of resolving the complaint in an amicable, fair manner.

Some important features

What to do of you have an Enquiry or Complaint

This leaflet is only a guide .The rules applicable to the Office of Ombudsman are available on request or on our web

Download this Ombudsman Leaflet (PDF)

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