Patients attending Non-OASA registered Ocularistry practices, must understand that there is no recourse for any harm caused by the said practitioner, due to the fact that as non-members they are not bound by the OASA MOI, code of Conduct, policies defining quality assurance or the jurisdiction of the OASA Ombudsman.

Patients using their medical aid to fund a prosthesis must also note that the conditions of payment include that any practitioner consulted must be a registered practitioner.In terms of Section 23 of Policy and Criteria for Recognising a Professional Body and Registering a Professional Designation for the Purposes of the National Qualifications Framework Act, Act 67 of 2008, OASA is the only SAQA recognised Professional Body duly authorised to bestow the designation of an Ocularist on a practitioner. A practitioner must, therefore, be registered with OASA to be entitled to practice as an Ocularist.

All valid members are listed in the OASA register; by clicking on any of the listed names, their practice information will display in a printable popup. This register is managed in real-time, i.e. if any member's membership is terminated or suspended, their details are automatically and immediately removed from the online register.

Anyone unsure is welcome to contact any of the Directorate for confirmation.

1. When entering a valid members practice, you should find on display a copy of the member's Membership Certificate, as per this example.
This certificate confirms the member is registered and part of OASA.
This certificate is valid as long as the member is in Good-Standing with OASA.
The certificate remains the property of OASA and on termination of membership should be returned to OASA within 30 days.

OASA Membership Certificate example

2. Also on display should be a copy of the Member's Designation certificate.
This Certificate confirms the Members right to practice.
This certificate is only valid for one year, being re-issued after OASA has confirmed the members Good-Standing status.
Good-Standing Status takes cognisance of the member's Fees having been paid and that they have completed all the Continued Professional Development (CPD) required to maintain their designation.

OASA Membership Certificate example

Members displaying both certificates are in Good-Standing and can be trusted to deliver the highest level of care in the field of Ocularistry.

Should you note any discrepancies, you are welcome to contact OASA and report the matter.

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