Congress 2013

Congress Programme

Through the Patient's Eye:

Enhancing Ocularist and Patient satisfaction while improving practice outcomes

Monday 08 April 2013

Dress casual or evening wear.

Formal Captain’s Dinner follows – evening wear

17h00 – 18h30 Sinfonia Lounge

Chantal Downward and Beryl Carvalho, Congress Co-ordinators, along with our President and the OASA Directorate invite you to the

OASA Welcome Cocktail Party & address by Pedro Carvalho, President OASA

(Please all join us. All partners and children are welcome and catered for - this will be informal)

20h30 for 20h45 See you at dinner. Our reservation is for the Second Seating.

Tuesday 09 April 2013

Business Centre

Dress casual and ready for Maputo!  

08h45 – 09h15           

Pedro Carvalho – President – Ocularists Association of Southern Africa

Official Congress Opening – Ocularistry Overview 2013 and Beyond

09h15 – 09h30

Axel Franken – Ocularist, Organiser AEO Congress 2011

The Dutch Way

09h30 – 10h15

Dr Pax Ramela – CEO South African Optometric Association, Quality Challenges in Health Care Delivery

10h15 – 10h45

Prof Michael Wilkinson –Improving Ocular Prosthetic Motility from a Surgeon’s Perspective

10h45 – 11h00


Questions and Discussion Time

11h00 Grab the family, have a coffee at one of the coffee stations on the ship, and head for Maputo

20h30 for 20h45 See you at Dinner

Wednesday 10 April 2013

Business Centre

Dress casual and ready for Barra Lodge

08h45 – 09h15

Prof Mike Wilkinson - Ophthalmologist

Treatment of the Paediatric Anophthalmic socket

09h15 – 09h45

Jorgen Cieslik – Ocularist

Socket Stretching

Colour lens – matching on prosthesis

09h45 – 09h55


Question, Interaction and Discussion Time

09h55 – 10h25

Peter Knowles – Ocularist, Post Graduate - Master’s degree

Psychological aspects of wearing an eye prosthesis.

10h25 – 10h50


Questions and Discussion time

10h50 – 11h10

Beryl Carvalho – Ocularist

Fitting Complications – A Discussion

11h10Grab the family, find a coffee spot on board and/or head for Barra Lodge

20h30 for 20h45 See you at dinner

Thursday 11 April 2013

Business Centre

Dress is casual

09h00 – 09h15

Pedro Carvalho – Ocularist

Revitalise Your Practice

09h15 – 09h30

Sandi Wood - Assistant & Gail Altona – Ocularist

Aye Aye

09h30 – 10h00

Paul Geelen – Ocularist

A Different perspective

10h00 – 10h30

Prof Mike Wilkinson –Treatment of Prosthetic Eye Complications due to Eyelid and Orbital Abnormalities

10h30 – 11h45


Questions and Discussion time

10h45 – 11h15

Tea and Snacks for delegates at the Conference Centre

11h15 – 13h15

Chantal Downward – Ocularist

Defining Future Generation Ocularist Skills

A Panel Discussion

13h15 – 13h20

Official Congress close

13h20Grab the family, head for lunch. There is a buffet lunch if we’re late for an a la carte option

 Afternoon of informal time with colleagues and family

20h30 for 20h45 See you at dinner

Friday 12 April 2013

Get to breakfast early because we disembark right after breakfast.



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